Hello World (A Side-Project is live)

I'm way way way behind on my writing. I have notes for so many updates and thoughts that I need to get down. But, at the core of it, I just picked the best idea I had going so far and worked on it for a weekend. StartupSlider.com pre-signups are live. I've convinced myself that this both a good and a really stupid idea so many times. But, the site is live, and there's still some work left to do for a true MVP (Minimum Viable Product) before actually trying to get users.

Here's the note I included on the "About Us" page on my founding story:

I've had an outside interest in startups and VC for a few years. The idea of being involved in efforts to push the world forward and innovate day-in and day-out sounded super exciting, and I wanted to be a part of it. So, as the shutdowns started, I seriously started to think to myself "what if I worked on an idea?" Which then led to "how would I find investors? How would they find me?" I had worked at a big tech company for a few years, but that didn't mean that I had any connections. I did some digging, and saw that my options were likely cold emailing/DMing, getting Twitter famous, knowing someone who knows someone, or bootstrapping to enough traction where I popped out. Maybe I'm wrong, but I thought that this was filled with inefficiencies and even some barriers to entry. If I'm right, then there has to be an opportunity to make this better, right?

I also saw VCs hosting events like remote pitch days, and moving their accelerators online in light of shutdown. This was great, and would definitely help someone like me break through! But, what if the events were discoverable beyond your network? What if that 3rd+ degree LinkedIn "connection" who you would've never come across decided to apply to your program. That seems like a win to me.

This is why we're launching this experiment that we're calling Slider. To helps connect startups and investors connect no matter who or where they are.

Visit: StartupSlider.com